F&R Bathroom Vanity Mirror Framed Mirror for Bathroom Gray/Blue/White Mirror for Bathroom 24″ x 35″ Solid Wood Framed Mirror


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1.HIGH DEFINITION GLASS: This bathroom mirrors for vanity is constructed of authentic silver backed glass which is scatter prevention.
2.EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: The thick bathroom mirror plate is strong and durable, and the frame is made of solid wood is a long-lasting and requires very little maintenance.
3.STYLISH & EYE-CATCHING DESIGNS: The solid wood frame and thick mirror is perfectly designed as a vanity mirror in your bathroom or wall mounted mirror in your bedroom or living room.
4.SAFE AND EASY TO INSTALL: Our glass is safely custom inlaid and protected by the surrounding solid wood frame construction. The bathroom mirror comes with reinforced hanging clips as well as the wall hardware and screws to hang it vertically.
5.OVERALL MEASUREMENTS: This mirror measures 35.98″ L by 24.01″ W and is the perfect size as a bathroom vanity mirror or as an accent mirror for any wall in your home.


Color:Gray, Blue, White.
Simple, Modern Design
Perfect for placing in an entryway, living room, or bathroom, this contemporary mirror fits in beautifully with your existing decor.
Featuring a simple, modern frame, the mirror not only provides a functional purpose but adds a sophisticated element to any space.

Weight 33.07 lbs
Dimensions 26.78 × 3.94 × 38.19 in