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1.SOLID & STRONG STORAGE BOX: Beautifully handcrafted storage box designed to keep your tea bags in order. This tea chest features 8 compartments that keep your tea bags fresh for months. It’s made of premium acrylic with antibacterial properties that will last for years
2.DRAWER TO KEEP SPOONS, TEA SQUEEZER & MORE: The side drawer that features on this bamboo tea organizer allows you to keep loose leaf tea and small tea items like sugar packets, honey sticks, spoons, and more
3.CLEAR: The framed lid has an acrylic glass that allows you to see and know when it’s time to refill the container again
4.NO MORE BOXES & TINS CLUTTERING YOUR PANTRY: Each compartment can hold up to 12 bags of tea which makes it convenient to keep your kitchen cabinets organized. It fits well on most standard drawers so you can pull it out and take out your fresh tea when to brew. Our tea box makes a great Christmas gi


Colour: Clear
Material: Acrylic
Size: total 15*15*5cm/6*6*2inches(attention the size)

[Name]: Transparent cosmetic box
[Color]: transparent, as shown in the figure

Transparent and smooth, elegant shape, strong practicability and easy to use.
It’s still difficult to put all kinds of cosmetics, make-up tools, and jewelry on the dressing table. All kinds of cosmetics and jewelry storage boxes are suitable for all kinds of make-up tools, all kinds of cosmetics, all kinds of jewelry, which is convenient for daily makeup. The dressing table is more tidy and orderly!
You can insert mascara, eyebrow pencils, makeup brushes and other small things; also can be used as a pen holder with thumbtacks and other office supplies in the middle! !
The product uses food-grade plastic as raw material, with high transparency, and the product is exquisite and generous

Instructions for use:
This product should not be near the fire source and avoid high temperature. Its high temperature resistance is below 70°C.
This product is non-pressure resistant, please do not place heavy objects on it.
If the product is stained, wipe it gently with toothpaste and cloth.
Please avoid scratching with spiked items to avoid scratches on the surface of the product and affect the appearance.
Note: Avoid rubbing the surface of this product with rough objects to avoid scratches. Do not put it in a microwave oven. Do not hit the can hard.

Note: The products in this store are all taken in kind, and the pictures are displayed as samples. If there is a color difference, please take the real thing as the main product. Before buying any item, please be sure to find a ruler according to the size of the product to feel the actual size, so as to avoid the difference between the actual size and the size you imagine.

Weight 1.11 lbs
Dimensions 6.30 × 6.11 × 2.37 in